Jessie's Bites

Jessie's Bites
1410 Pine Chase Drive,
Houston TX

Company Description:

We are a Houston based small business making Human Grade dog food and Healthy Dog treats. We use the best ingredients we can find including Wagyu Beef, Chicken from HEB and the best Sweet Potatoes from Louisiana! We do not use additives or preservatives, only natural ingredients to make the best food & treats your Pup can get!

Our team is fully inclusive, employing individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities to make our awesome food and treats.

Show Specials:

Customers within 20 miles of zip code 77055 get 25% off the first order of food or 40% off the first month's subscription.

New Products

Fresh Food: Coconut Chicken, Wagyu Beef & Zucchini, Turkey & Carrot, Fruty Pok hot pot, Puploaf

Treats: Peanut Butter & Pumpkin, Peanut Butter & Cheese, Sweet Potato, Cheese Pops, Baon Egg & Cheese Loaf!

Dog related accessories

Certifications & Awards

FDA standard, Featured in local Magazines

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